Well its that time of year when we have to close up shop for a few days and get some much needed rest. Actually this is the first Vacation I have taken with my family in 17 years.  We will close late on June 6th and will reopen for business on June 16th.

Thank You for being a customer, we’ll see you all back on the 16th!


A look at ProSupps NO3 Drive

Written by ProSupps super rep, bodybuilder and all around nice guy Mike Gracey.

Flavors Available: Blue Razz, Green Apple, Fruit Punch & Unflavored

ProSupps NO3 Drive
ProSupps NO3 Drive

When training for size or performance the body’s ability to transport nutrient rich blood to the muscle and extracting harmful waste products out of the cell greatly affect desired results. NO3 Drive is packed with clinically proven ingredients to increase blood flow and intercellular concentration of key performance enhancing substances while helping the muscles buffer lactic acid and other debilitating molecules. While a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle sometimes the muscle will only grow so far. The ability to push fluids and increase the “pump” will help stretch the fascia around the muscle allowing it to grow and get bigger and stronger over time.

NO3 Drive contains several ingredients to help with performance and increase the nitric oxide production in the body. Agmapro Matrix is a 3 agmatine blend to help regulate nitric oxide levels in the body and increase hyperemia (pump). The different forms of agmatine have a different absorption rate to deliver results quickly but maintain the pump for a much longer period of time. PepForm (citrulline peptides) are a fast absorbing and highly soluble form of citrulline with is a precursor of arginine which converts to nitric oxide in the body. Hydromax increases fluid absorption and cellular hydration causing a very long lasting pump and decreases the chances of dehydration post workout. NO3-T is Sodium Nitrate after entering the body is eventually converted to Nitric Oxide which increases muscle pumps, increase the use and absorption of glucose and amino acids and reduces fatigue.

NO3 Drive is a very effective nitric oxide boosting supplement that will help performance and recovery as well as increase the pump so muscles can grow. Suggested use is to take 1 scoop 30-45 minutes prior to exercise, I would always stack with Dr Jekyll or Hyde Pre-workout for better results and increased effects.

Osta Plex a game changer in muscle building?

We all have heard about blackstone labs being raided and the conspiracy theorists saying it was because of DMAA. Turns out it was because of SARMS (which they no longer sell) and Duracap who manufactured them. So when places are being raided by the FDA because of SARMS it would take a company with big balls to now start selling these types of products. Enter Hi Tech Pharma, who seem to have the biggest cajones in the land when it comes to pushing the envelope of legal but very strong products..

Osta-Plex By Hi-Tech Pharma is now available.

They say its the most powerful (SARM) Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator ever developed, and having been dealing with Hi-Tech for a few years I totally believe it.

The ingredients are

  • 19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one Enathate 50mg
  • Eucommia Ulmoides 100:1 Extract (bark) 250mg
  • 7-methoxy-8-(3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl)-2h-chromen-2-one 10mg

The dosage is stated at 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening. But also states not to take more than 4 tablets per day. So for the most hardcore you could probably take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm.

Osta Plex by Hi tech Pharma


eBay scammers….

Its no secret we sell on eBay and yes we feel dirty for doing it but it helps us move a massive amount of inventory and on the whole its not a terrible way to do business.  Recently we were hit with a bunch of hacked accounts all shipping to a freight forwarder

Polar Express LLC

5 South Main St

Englishtown NJ 07726

I will say that Polar Express has helped us with this and they have closed the accounts of the users once I proved they were using stolen credit cards and paypal accounts to pay for the goods on eBay.

So today I get this email from

 Hi John. It’s me Alan Tukaev. I really need your help. I am now in a very difficult situation, my grandmother is very very sick she had a cardiac arrest. I’m looking for all possible ways to earn you have to deceive people, but I am not who can help? that’s why I do so. I sbiralsya very large sum for an operation on her is very necessary. I’m sorry that I used your eBay account for their own purposes. You wrote me a complaint and the account is completely blocked there’s a lot of things I . need. You have lost nothing? You back your money? Again I’m sorry. Please help me. Write them that it was a mistake, I do beg your you. I hope you can understand me

So this is the user who used stolen credit cards on stolen ebay accounts now begging that I ask Polar Express to reopen his account  Karma is a bitch and your right to privacy is gone the minute you commit credit card fraud… I have no problem naming and shaming.
Hope your grandmother gets better bro, I’m sure those Quest Protein Bars and ProSupps Mr Hyde will get her back on her feet real quick.

Its been a crazy week!


What a week it’s been in the supplement industry.  Rich Piana is beating up on disabled kids (duh mainstream media ran with that BS story) . MusclePharm and Arnold parted ways… Not really a surprise, I’m sure Arnold has wanted out of that deal for a couple years. Where did it all go wrong for MP ? Well that’s easy….  GREED.  I’m not saying the Arnold series is bad (it is bad and its shit like this that tarnishes the entire industry) but bringing on Arnold and making the series a mainstream product available in big box stores was the beginning of the end for MP. Firstly the protein spiking lawsuits, which keep on coming even from Hi-Tech Pharm. Weak ass under dosed products marketed towards the uneducated lifter… They essentially cut out the core of the people who put MP up on a pedestal. Independent store owners! (like me) left to compete with Walmart and Costco…  It seems to all be spiraling out of control now. They have lost the trust of many and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go out of business and be sold off.  I personally hope that doesn’t happen, hopefully they reorganize and get back to their roots. Supporting small businesses who actually know about this stuff, release new products that ‘us’ store owners wouldn’t have a problem directing customer to. Knowing that the ingredients are legit.  They would be a much smaller company and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go back private. Ohh and also stop making a line for retail stores only and then allowing them to sell it online while cutting us online guys out…

On a better note… ProSupps Mr Hyde Cutz is now available in 2 flavors!

Why does my pre workout make my skin itch?

Why does my
pre workout make my skin itch?

Ahh the pre workout tingles, is this a severe allergy waiting to happen? Death could be instant as you’ve taken a pre workout and
now your skin is itchy…  This is known as “paresthesia”
which is a harmless tingling (or itching, burning, prickling, numbness).  If you check the ingredients panel of your pre workout you’ll find
beta-alanine or CarnoSyn® on the label…
Beta-Alanine fights fatigue, improves muscle
strength etc… So if you get itchy after taking a preworkout,
good news its working!

So much to talk about… I just don’t know where to start.

In this blog we’ll be taking a tongue in cheek look at the supplement industry. Trust me some days its a battle and it feels like the entire world and google are against you. Only this morning I found out PES Alphamine isn’t allowed in google shopping… We can’t figure out why and don’t get me started on Pikatropin. I think I’ll make a special entry all about Pikatropin and how crazy this industry can be. But right now I’m off to track down a couple packages that are lost (Good Ol USPS).